Cloud Computing   


Cloud computing is a set of services available on the ¨Internet cloud¨ that allows users to store, search and access their information from any location and device.

The need for businesses to access information immediately has generated an exponential growth in the use of these services because they respond to business needs, increase the competitiveness of companies that use them, and facilitate job flexibility.

This Working Group seeks to develop solutions, services and joint technological projects in this area with the members of the ICT Cluster.


Cloud Computing working group

  • 1st Meeting - Brainstorming on the market

    In this session we will debate and analyze the different needs and opportunities in the ICT sector in order to face together the technological challenges.

  • 2nd Meeting - Spheres of action of the ICT 

    In the second meeting we will identify possible areas of action and ICT solutions in facing the technological challenges and needs of the sector. 

  • 3rd Meeting - Detection of the project or final solution

    In this session we will elaborate on conclusions and will start developing of the new product and/or service.