ICT & Pharmacy   


The Spanish pharmaceutical sector is mainly concentrated in Catalonia (46%), where the headquarters of the important companies are located and possesses 60% of pharmaceutical production and 50% of the export of chemicals of the state. Cataloniais also the first Spanish community in R&D investment, with 381 million Euros invested in 2010.

Tradition and dynamism of our country has attracted significant foreign investment: eight of the ten major international pharmaceutical companies have offices in Catalonia. It is a changing sector that is stepping up the introduction of new technologies.

The introduction of ICT in the pharmaceutical sector will allow the development of new models of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and will optimize the planning and information management of these pharmaceutical and health environments.


ICT & Pharmacy intersectoral group

  • Session 1: Interrelation supply & demand 

    This meeting, composed by professionals of the pharmacy sector and companies of the ICT Cluster, will analyze the technological situation of the sector and the future challenges. 

  • Session 2: ICT Analyze

    At the second meeting, exclusively for ICT experts, they will develop ICT proposals for the problems detected in the sector.

  • Session 3: Interrelation supply & demand

    In the last meeting, with members from both sectors, will debate on the proposals.