Others  Working groups finished or with ongoing projects 

Social Media
The working group of Social Media seeks to find solutions, create services or perform projects in the ICT environment of the social networks with the companies of the Digital Cluster.

Social Media

Mobile Devices
This working group seeks to develop mobile application solutions, services and joint technological projects in this area with Digital Cluster members.

Apps mòbils

Cloud Computing
This Working Group seeks to develop solutions, services and joint technological projects in this area with the members of the Digital Cluster.

Cloud Computing

Smart City
The Smart City working group seeks to develop solutions, services or projects of direct application in the technological cities, exploiting the opportunity offered by OpenData project of the Barcelona City Council.

Smart City

Banking transactions
The working group of banking transactions aims to develop banking solutions, services or projects to minimize the risks arising from banking transactions through ICT, to improve the service quality of online banking.

Transacciones Bancarias


The health working group proposes the development and application of ICT in the socio-sanitary field through innovative and technological solutions by means of new services development with great potential. Thus, the aim is to obtain a health service centered in the patient, more efficient and cooperative.



Virtual Office
The initial objective of the Virtual Office working group was to discuss new ways to treat and access to information with the human and technological resources of the company..

Oficina Virtual

Green Car
The Green Car Working Group was aimed at exploring the interaction possibilities of ICT in the electric vehicle of the hand of ICT Cluster companies, to transform them in real solutions.