Others  Cross sector Committees finished and with ongoing projects 

ICT & Tourism
The ICT and tourism intersectional group will boost the intensive use of the technology in the tourism sector of the Catalan capital.

TIC i turisme

ICT & Pharmacy
The ICT and Pharmacy group optimizes the planning and information management of these pharmaceutical and health environments.

TIC i farmàcia


ICT & Food
The ICT and Food group has generated three ongoing projects: route planning, optimization of the value chain of food – ERP and Platform of e-commerce and analysis.

TIC i Alimentació

ICT & Sport
The main objective of the ICT & Sport intersectoral group is to offer an extension of the services of sports analysis systems for learning, monitoring and improving the practice of individual and collective sports.

TIC y deporte


ICT & Education

Introduction of new technologies in the classroom was a rapid change in the education sector. The ICT & Education intersectoral group promotes the Logosnet project, an initiative that aims to address future threats and opportunities represented by the introduction of ICT in education.

TIC y educación