Spurna explains how to promote the business of the mobile appsGirona, 5/4/2012
The Spurna center brings more than hundred professionals in the Apps Market Forum
• The creation of apps targeting to a segmented audience that companies could know through the social networks is the key to generate business.

Spurna, the R&D center promoted jointly by Lavinia Interactiva, Barcelona Digital and the Scientific and Technological Park of the Girona University (UdG), has explained today in the Apps Market Forum the potential business of the mobile apps as integrating elements of the social networks management as well as sales and interaction channel between companies and costumers through the mobile phones.

The apps are in the center of a new era of online commerce, the social commerce, in which communication between companies and customers is done through the social networks and where is a priority to get personalized products to attract to this growing public 2.0, segmented and connected to the phone. According to the study, Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone User of Google, 33% of mobile cells in Spain are smartphones. Facebook, the largest social network, registered more than 800 million users in September 2011.

Companies like Cink Shanking Business and EasyPromos have shown how to get relevant customer information in social networks through promotional apps which promotes interaction with fans of corporate profiles, which help to get new ones, generate sales and improve the product or service based on the views of the users. The creation of applications that provide new services and contents specialized in areas as diverse as leisure, tourism or sport has also been one of the highlights of the day.

In this regard, the Vodafone Business Place have been explained, a meeting point for developers and companies looking for apps focused on business; the strategy and positioning of Infojobs in the field of mobile applications; the Asks app for automated social search and the FCB Apps program, a project led by FC Barcelona and Barcelona Digital that will promote the creation of innovative applications that will strengthen the linkage of the Barça fans with the club.

The apps are also an opportunity to encourage users and business communities. That’s the case of the Figueres Trade Association, which has boosted the app empordha which includes the main points of interest for leisure and culture of Figueres and already boasts more than 400 partners, 40 different sectors to make it; and companies with Skitude, a Catalan business that has created a social application addressed to skiers and wants to strengthen its growth with the creation of a skiers community.

The Apps Market Forum, organized by the Spurna Centre, has also shown business models for monetizing an app, either through advertising sector in the mobile, representing 8% of the advertising investment of the world according to Asmedia company, or with payment extra services to complement the service of a free application. In addition, the importance of images as key element for social relations and as an element in the development of strategies of horizontal communication has also explained.