Three ICT solutions for the touristic sectorBarcelona, 6/8/2012
The ICT and tourism group of the ICT Cluster will develop three technological solutions to generate business opportunities for touristic sector and, furthermore, to improve the user experience.

According with the 21 companies participating in the last work meeting, a platform for the knowledge management of the current and objective visitor, a virtual platform for the promotion of the touristic sector and, finally, a solution for mobile devices to improve the experience of the museum users will be developed.

These opportunities are ongoing with the active participation of the cluster entities.

Tourism is a key sector for the Catalan economy because it represents 12% of GDP and employs nearly 400,000 people. Thus, it contributes actively to territorial balance and allows Catalonia to be present in the world. In this framework, the ICT and tourism intersectional group will boost the intensive use of the technology in the tourism sector of the Catalan capital in order to add value to the products and services that could arise.

Furthermore of this intersectoral group, this year the ICT Cluster of BDigital will also develop the ICT and pharmacy group.