Segovia held the test of the Di.Me European projectSegovia, 7/17/2012
• The mobile app has been tested in La Granja de San Ildelfonso (Segovia) with the participation of 150 attendees of the ICT summer course organized by AMETIC and UPM. This app will improve the social and professional interaction and has been developed by Di.Me European project.

• The project consortium is led by Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (Germany) and is composed by AMETIC and BDigital Technology Centre.

• Di.Me has a budget of 4.35 M€ and will extend to 2013. Currently, there are not apps with these features.

From July 9 to 12, 150 attendees of the IV Summer Course of La Granja (Segovia) organized by AMETIC and UPM have tested the mobile app developed by European project. This project aims to develop mobile tools for the standardization management of the digital identities in all social networks (twitter, linkedin, etc.).

The students have used the app to recover their information of different social networks and to create advanced user profiles; to share information with all attendees; to get information of the environment (touristic places, people around them, etc) and to receive recommendations according to the security levels. “The Di.Me changes in digital identity is reflecting the current changes of the society, which is claiming high security levels”, explained Sofía Mª Hamezopoulus, one of the students. “I only have profiles in some social networks and I never give my real name. If there is a security network like Di.Me, I will create a profile”, confirmed Sofía.

On the other hand, the BDigital’s researcher, Rafael Giménez, has explained that “the pilot test objective has been to validate in a real environment the system features” and he has emphasized “that the users will be the owners and managers of their personal data”.

The tools developed by the project will allow that people have a smart and integrated control of the digital information, accessing to services and interacting with other people according with the profile features.

Members of the project consortium
The project is partially funded by the 7th European Framework Program. The consortium is led by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and is composed by companies and entities from Germany, Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. AMETIC and BDigital technology centre are the Spanish members.