Services offered  Barcelona Digital offers you specialized knowledge, its own technology and the ability to manage R&D&I with the aim of helping you be more innovative and competitive in your markets 

Barcelona Digital provides the following products and services:

  • Collaborative R&D projectes

We have broad experience creating and coordinating collaborative R&D consortia in competitive national and international programmes to cover the company’s innovation needs.

  • R&D Outsourcing

We offer our teams of researchers and technology experts to carry out R&D activities upon demand, turning a company’s fixed cost into a variable expense with high added value.

  • Encapsulated Technology Products

Our own market-oriented R&D generates new technological products with which companies can gain more competitiveness and/or improve the productivity of their business.

  • Technological and business consulting

We help companies to conceptualise and define new products and services and the related business models. We accompanies the client throughout the development and pilot process.

  • Development of the Information Society

We help public administrations to define and implement plans to boost the ICT sector and the Information Society.

  • Design and implementation of dissemination projects

Companies may delegate us the organisation and dissemination of ICT events to the Centre with expert support in content creation (congresses, seminars).

  • Advanced Training

We provide specialized training in new and innovative technological aspects aimed at helping you to be more competitive.

  • Software quality control

We ensures the quality of smartphone applications by providing mobile application testing, consultation, quality certification and monitoring services for developers, consultants and companies using apps.

  • ICT Cluster

We coordinate the ICT Cluster Innovative Business Group, a wide array of companies that work together to develope new and innovative ICT products and services.

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Corporate brochure
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