Barcelona Digital presents a mobile application for people with special disabilities
Barcelona Digital is developing a new application for mobile devices, with adaptable interfaces for people with special disabilities. As explained Marc Torrent, head of R&D Mobility of Barcelona Digital, thanks to this application, the mobile devices is as universal command, adaptable for urban electronic device (as cashiers or vending machines) or domestic (as refrigerators or washing machines). In this way, elderly or people with functional disabilities will interact with these devices through their adaptable mobile device.
This application for mobile devices is part of the INREDIS project, that is developed within the framework of the CENIT project (National Strategic Consortiums of Technical Investigation) subsidized partly by the Center of Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).
Inredis has a budget of 23.6 million (2007-2010) to develop base technologies that allow creation of communication channels and interaction among people with special needs and their environment. The project is led by Technosite, the technological company of the ONCE Foundation, and its consortium is composed by 13 institutions, among corporations, technology and financial companies, like 'la Caixa'. 17 public research organitzations are also participating in the project.