Zafar Kazmi, Ph.D. candidate

Zafar Kazmi, researcher of Security R&D group of Barcelona Digital since March 2011, is Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Master on in Information & Computer Systems Security and is PhD candidate at the University of Glamorgan (United Kingdom), with the thesis ‘Enhancing Network Defence and Information Operations (IO) through the use of Deception’.

For over six years, Zaf was part of the Information Security Research Group (ISRG) at the University of Glamorgan, where he carried out a number of different Computer Forensics & Computer Systems Security related projects. Zaf also provided teaching assistance to the Undergraduate & Masters students, in the fields of Information Systems Security, and Computer Forensics. He also supervised and advised students undertaking projects in the fields of Information & Computer Systems Security & Computer Forensics. He has written a number of conference & journal papers & he is also an active member of the British Computer Society (BCS). 

At Barcelona Digital, he is currently involved in a number of different Security related projects with his main focus on Mobile Devices related Cybercrime and Security.