INREDIS - INterfaces for relationship between the environment and people with disabilities
  • Date: 1/1/2008 12:00:00 AM
  • Duration of the Project: 2008 - 2010
  • Leader: Technosite
  • Participants: Technosite, Alma Technologies, e- “laCaixa”, Ibermática, Instalaciones Inabensa, Iriscom, Apif Moviquity, Tunstall, Vodafone, Barclays, Via Libre, Geroca Smart Business, TMT Factory
  • Budget: 23,6 M€
  • Web:

    Type: CENIT

    Scope: Regional

    Short Description:

    The project INREDIS (Interfaces Relationship between the environment and people with disabilities) to develop basic technologies that will enable the creation of channels for communication and interaction between people with special needs and their environment. To carry out the project, the research has focused on different environments of daily life such as home, workplace, urban or financial environment, among others.
    The research is structured in nine main workpackages covering the main aspects needed to achieve a major technological advance in the design of accessible and interoperable technology.


    • Basic research in the field of accessible and interoperable technologies.
    • Development of standard in communication technologies.
    • Assuring security of the interoperable SW architecture.
      Development of new interfaces based on new technologies to help and promote the e-inclusion of people with disabilities.
    • Analysis of people with disabilities’ needs and their relationship with technology.
    • Survey the state of the art of technologies involved in the project and monitor innovations throughout the life of the project.
    • Development of experimental platforms to demonstrate the technological advance deriving from the development of accessible products augmented for technological interoperability and capacity for interaction and adaptation.

    Barcelona Digital activites
    In the first phase of the project (2007-2008) Barcelona Digital participated in the analysis of people with disabilities’ needs in the use of new technologies, as well as in the execution of the state of the art on emerging technologies. In the second phase (2009-2010)

    Barcelona Digital has participated in the design and development of the technological architecture of interoperability for all common environments of the project, ensuring whole architecture’s security. The implementation of technological services developed from this common architecture will allow users to interact from a mobile device with different devices on the market, taking into account essential aspects such as accessibility, ubiquity, interoperability, security and multimodality.

    Once established this basic architecture the consortium will develop platforms for each of the environments. Barcelona Digital will participate in banking environment. The proposed architecture is based on SOA, EDA and OSGi’s models.