REWIRE - Rehabilitative Wayout in Responsive Home Environments
  • Date: 10/1/2011 12:00:00 AM
  • Duration of the Project:
  • Leader: Universita Degli Studi di Milano
  • Budget: 3,5 M€
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    Type: 7FP - Cooperation

    Scope: European

    Short Description:

    The REWIRE  project will develop and field test an innovative virtual reality based rehabilitation platform, which would allow patients, discharged from the hospital, to continue intensive rehabilitation at home under remote monitoring by the hospital itself.

    REWIRE is a hierarchical platform constituted of three levels:

    • (PS) Patient Station: will be used by the patient and his caregivers at home to perform supervised rehabilitative training inside a virtual environment. The patient will be prompted by the virtual environment to follow the exercises, planned by the clinicians at the hospital, through adequate simple games. Patient’s motion and interaction data with the virtual environment will be saved while patient’s daily life will be monitored by a Body Sensor Network. All this gathered information will be used to better tune the rehabilitation sessions and set-up a proper level of challenge for the patient, assess potential risks and advice clinicians on the therapy.


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    • (HS) Hospital Station: will be used by clinical staff at the hospital. Working as a web application (therapy management tool), it will help clinicians and therapists to define, tune and monitor the exercises of the rehabilitation program at home, taking into account all the activity data collected by the Patient Station during the exercises and by the Body Sensor Network during daily activity. Besides, HS offers patients to access information resources (documents, guidelines, news, etc) on their pathology as well as interact with other patients (community of patients) using web 2.0 tools.

    • (NS) Networking Station: installed at the regional level (health provider) will analyze the multi-parametric data that come from the individual patient day by day rehabilitation, to compare and interpret the results on different patient populations. Data mining procedures will be developed to discover features and trends of rehabilitation treatments as proposed by the different hospitals.


    Make the rehabilitation at home scenario possible and achievable, by using a cheap system, easy to use and install at home without invasive intervention on the existing environment.

    Keep and maximize at all times patients’ motivation and involvement guiding the rehabilitation exercises through an adequate set of mini-games in which patient’s activity is registered through consumer cameras like Kinect (hands free paradigm).

    Educate and support patients by creating a social community allowing exchange of experiences and information among them as well as decreasing patients isolation. The goal is to generate useful new knowledge, predictive models of rehabilitation progression and collective evaluation of rehabilitation therapies.

    Offer to health providers useful knowledge related to the analysis on a large scale of patients evolution, which might help to anticipate trends and guide in global resources allocation.

    Barcelona Digital's activity

    Leading WP7 – Hospital Station:
    - Design novel IT tools and services to implement efficient and effective closed loop clinical workflows, to analyze the data related to the rehabilitation sessions provided by the patient’s station, and send information at the Regional Level.
    - Create a centralized content repository and social interaction point, to allow the education and motivation of users (both clinicians and patients).
    - Design a communication infrastructure that allows the implementation of multiplayer games for use in rehabilitation.
    - Develop the IT system that will implement all these features and the communications that will glue together all the pieces of the REWIRE platform.
    - Develop and implement multi-parametric data analysis methods, suitable for use in the analysis of data about the rehabilitation sessions provided by the patient’s station.

    Participating in User requirements definition (WP2):
    - Identification of REWIRE hospital station functions.
    - Identification of REWIRE networking station functions.

    Participating in Implementation requirements definition (WP3):
    - Identification of the technical functions of the virtual reality engine.
    - Identification of the Hospital and networking Stations technical specifications.
    - Definition of the technical specifications for the support of community of patients for both the server in the Hospital Station and the client in the Patient Station.
    - Design of system testing.

    Universita Degli Studi di Milano; Barcelona Digital; École Polytechnique Federake de Lausane; The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of The University of Oxford; Universita Degli Studi di Padova; Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich; AB. Acus SRL; IAVANTE; Fundación Publica para el Avance Tecnológico y el Entrenamiento Profesional; TechnoGym SPA; Universitaet Zuerich; Institut Jozef Stefan; Servicio Andaluz de Salud.

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    REWIRE project is funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement number 287713. The content of this web page reflects only the authors’ views. The European Commission is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.