Cloud4All - Cloud platforms Lead to Open and Universal access for people with Disabilities and for All
  • Date: 11/1/2011 12:00:00 AM
  • Duration of the Project:
  • Leader: Fundosa Technosite
  • Budget: 13,1 M€

    Type: 7FP - Cooperation

    Scope: European

    Short Description:

    The project Cloud4All aims to develop a complete new paradigm in accessibility; moving from adaptation of a single device (e.g. workstation/personal device) for a person to automatic-personalisation of all mainstream products or services a user encounters, using cloud technologies to activate and augment (with AT etc.) any natural (built-in) accessibility of the product, based on a profile of the user’s needs.

    Cloud4All represents a European based effort to advance the GPII concept by pulling together a large multi-sector international community including stakeholders, industry leaders and experts in emerging technologies to thoughtfully research, design, develop and test the key software infrastructure and pilot implementations needed to explore this promising approach to digital inclusion.


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    Cloud4All will do this by:

    • Creating/refining user profiling standards and tools capable of capturing the individual needs and preferences of the full range of users facing interface barriers

    • Creating/refining interface and materials profiling standards and tools capable of characterizing the full range of ICT/materials users need to access and the different techniques and strategies for accessing them

    • Improving mechanisms to match users and with interfaces and materials they can use or techniques or services that can make them usable

    • Creating a mechanism to allow users to locate solutions from many different sources in a single search

    • Demonstrating automatic, on-demand, matching or modification of mainstream and specialized technologies to match each individual as they encounter them, including proof-of-concept demonstrations of this approach across a spectrum of technologies including: Computer OSs and Browsers; Web pages/Apps; Mobiles; Kiosks/Info-Transaction Machines; Installed and Virtual Assistive Technologies; Digital Televisions and Smart Homes

    • Testing of the concept with users with a wide variety and combination of physical, sensory, cognitive, language, and learning disabilities. If successful, this approach may give us our first chance of reaching the large group of users that do not qualify for or otherwise have not been reached by special services, but nonetheless face barriers to access that prevent them from participating in our rapidly advancing digitally enabled society.


    The project has three main Research/Scientific objectives:

    • To determine the potential of cloud technologies for creating a mechanism that can be deployed globally to enable the matching of individual user requirements with the right configuration of tools, applications and resources across contexts of use, client devices, and platforms, thereby addressing the needs of users not served by current accessibility strategies.

    • To identify the challenges in creating and serving “one-size-fits-one” accessibility that is required to address the needs of the full spectrum of users who face barriers to access, including users who do not fit traditional disability categories.

    • To explore methods for delivery of accessibility solutions that colud work across the broad range of OCT, platforms, and technologies that people with disabilities will be encountering in daily life in the near future.

    Barcelona Digital's activity
    The R+D activities to be done by Barcelona Digital within the Cloud4All project implicate the R&D Security and eHealth departments.

    The Security Department is involved in the project as a leader in the technological aspects of security and privacy of personal information. The role of BDigital is vital, because the proposed framework must guarantee that personal data has the corresponding security, privacy and ethical protection mechanisms from the very beginning stages (security by design), and that it ensures the overall system’s trustworthiness in an autonomous way.

    The eHealth department will participate in multiple and different activities. Firstly we will be involved in the task for the automatic modification of user profile based on changing contexts. Secondly we will work in the development of a semantic framework for modelling the cloud heterogeneity and provide interoperability with the different components and services involved in the project. Additionally we will contribute in the task for the auto-personalisation of mobiles depending on the user profile and the accessibility features of these devices. Finally we will lead the activity that aims to auto-personalise social networking interfaces depending on user profile preferences.

    Partners of the project
    Fundosa Technosite; Raising the Floor-International Association; Centre for Research and Technology Hellas;  Philips Consumer Lifestyle; Hochschule Der Medien; Fundación Vodafone España; Ontario College of Art and Design University; Technische Universitaet Dresden; FULLM – Lee Stephen Andrew; Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus; Singularlogic Anonymos Etairia Pliroforiakon Systimaton & Efarmogon Pliroforikis; IESE – Universidad de Navarra; Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; Astea Solutions; ENLOGIC – N. Panagopoulos, N. Demou OE; Texthelp Systems; Omnitor; Code Factory; Emergya Ingenieria; Hoeft & Wessel; Fundación ONCE para la Cooperación e Inclusión Social de Personas con Discapacidad; Stiftung Digitale Chancen; Barcelona Digital

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    Cloud4All project is funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement number 289016. The content of this web page reflects only the authors’ views. The European Commission is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.