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IES project test its irrigation expert simulator

07/23/2013 - The European project IES (Irrigation Expert Simulator), led by the Food and Environment R&D area of Barcelona Digital, has carried out the first pilot tests of the simulator irrigation expert, a tool developed in this research will virtually establish irrigation schedules and strategies based on the specific needs of each case. Subsequently, farmers could analyze crop production results.

BDigital’s Food and Environment R&D area, European reference in the water management

05/02/2013 - The head of the BDigital’s Food and Environment R&D area, Ferran Tersa, and the researcher of the same unit, Gabriel Anzaldi, were summoned at the beginnings of this year by the European Commission to a meeting with renowned European experts to assess the research needs and priorities of the water management, which could be included in future European research calls.


A web platform to simulate virtual crop and optimize irrigation

12/13/2012 - IES (Irrigation Expert Simulator) is a Project funded by the European Commission in the framework of the LIFE +2011 program. The consortium is composed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food, and the Environment of the Catalan Government, the Research and Agro-food Technology Institute (IRTA) and BDigital.

The KnoHolEM project will develop a system for the efficient energy management of buildings

05/22/2012 - The high percentage of gas emissions to the atmosphere and energy consumption is one of the main concerns of the European Commission, which proposed to achieve a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020 and to increase a 20% the renewable energies. According with these challenges, the KnoHolEM project will create an ICT tool for energy smart management that could reduce its consumption in buildings, avoiding the waste of energy, and optimizing its management.


New software will improve the quality control of the food companies

02/02/2012 -
Barcelona Digital has created new software for the management of the traceability, designed for covering the needs of the food companies. This system will improve the management process and the internal control of these companies, allowing a better management and a more accurate planning of the production process. The project has been entrusted to Barcelona Digital by Inforolot, company specialized in informatics solutions of business management for the SMEs.

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