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Serious games to improve the cognitive rehabilitation of the individual with brain injury, at the MIHealth Forum 2014

5/20/2014 - Serious games defined with therapists to improve the cognitive rehabilitation of the individual with acquired brain injury. The Backhome European R&D project, led by the eHealth R&D area of Barcelona Digital, will present a part of its work at the new edition of the MIHealth Forum 2014, that takes place on May 21-22 at Fira de Barcelona.

Catalan and Slovenian citizens will test the SAAPHO app to monitor health and improve the autonomy of elderly

4/16/2014 - Catalan and Slovene citizens over than sixty years will test for three months the final app of the European project, SAAPHO, led by R&D Health area of Barcelona Digital, which keeps track of the personal health, guarantees its protection at home and promotes social relations with its environment.

Barcelona Digital and the Hospital Clínic promote the Barcelona Virtual Health Practice

4/7/2014 - It is a long-term strategically partnership to become the health and care model for chronic patients from technology transfer applied to the health care and clinical practice. 
Both organisations, aimed to improve the efficiency of the health services through the use of digital technologies, are working in jointly projects of technological innovation and applied research, such as Synergy-COPD or Idenssa-TIC.


Virtual games to promote healthy lifestyles among teenagers

4/4/2014 - Pegaso, Fit for Future project will develop a learning platform for healthy lifestyles with a monitoring system of the physical activity and the feeding pattern with personalized messages, to generate awareness among adolescents of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. The project will test among more than 300 teenagers from Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.


Citclops will develop an application for the early warning of algal blooms

3/13/2014 - The European R&D project Citclops, whose scientific coordinator is Luigi Ceccaroni (BDigital), will develop a web platform that predicts the arrival of algal blooms in aquatic systems.


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