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Digital technologies to improve remote rehabilitation

11/04/2013 - Improving the quality of life of specific groups of patients and people with special needs is the shared goal of the projects BACKHOME, REWIRE and SYNERGY-COPD. Three ICT tools in the prototype stage have been developed for all three projects aimed at the health care and hospital market that help to improve medical and health care monitoring for each patient target group. The prototypes will be shown for the first time and may be tested during the ICT2013 Fair, which will be held from 6 to 8 November in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Citclops collects the first experimental samples to assess the quality of water of the Mediterranean

10/24/2013 - In October 2013, the Citclops European project, which is creating, under the coordination of Barcelona Digital, the first citizens’ observatory for coast and ocean optical monitoring, has begun to collect experimental samples to check the quality of seawater.

An IT tool to improve seniors’ autonomy

10/09/2013 - Led by Barcelona Digital Technology Centre, the European R&D&I project SAAPHO (Secure Active Ageing: Participation and Health for the Old) has developed an ICT tool in prototype phase that will help seniors to monitor their health and the security of their home and avoid social exclusion by means of digital technologies. The final aim of the project is to improve seniors’ quality of life and boost their autonomy.


BDigital will manage the new R&D Management postgraduate course of the UPC School

06/05/2013 - The manager of the Personalized Computational Medicine (PCM) line in the BDigital’s eHealth R&D group, Magí Lluch, will be the academic director of the new R&D Management postgraduate course of the UPC School.


The head of the BDigital’s Health R&D area, speaker of the European Brain Research conference of the European Commission

05/10/2013 - The head of BDigital’s Health R&D area, Felip Miralles, will be one of the speakers of the European Brain Research conference organized by the European Commission that will take place on May 14 in Brussels.


A system to interpret the brain signals of people with disabilities

05/09/2013 - The European R&D project BrainAble, led by Barcelona Digital and aimed at improving the autonomy of people with serious physical disabilities, has just successfully ended after three years of technological research and development with an investment of €3 million, partially funded by the European Commission under the FP7 Programme. BrainAble has demonstrated the benefits that advanced technologies bring to people with physical disabilities so severe that they cannot interact with their environment (home, friends, family, etc.) independently.

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