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R&D in Security


The main objective of the R&D&I Security group at the Barcelona Digital is to apply advanced applications of information technologies and communication for the protection of key assets. This could range from critical infrastructures to the digital protection of individuals, and corporate image, along with the assurance of smart cities related services. The digital security is an essential factor for the construction of a reliable information and knowledge society that guarantees a stable and economically prosperous future.

Our vision for research and technological development is pragmatic and oriented towards the achievement of tangible value for our clients. We aim to enhance security based on different disciplines, and to revolutionize it through our own research and also by reviewing the most recent findings of other Research Groups. Our research interests are mainly focused on the following two lines of activities:

Fraud and cybercrime: investigating new ways of protecting financial assets against cyber attacks, along with new methods of providing prevention and mitigation against those attacks.

Keywords: critical infrastructure, botnet, cyber-intelligence, malware, intelligence sharing, management of automatic response to incidents, metrics, robust authentication, security mining systems.

Use Cases: RAFFI, e-Crime, SACEC, SCB

Security in highly distributed environments of new generation
, attending security problems from an ecosystem where there is a collaboratively interact among high number of distributed elements.

Keywords: security and privacy in cloud computing, social media, mobile devices and mobile financial services related security, OSINT, competitive intelligence, smart cities, future internet, reputation and confidence.

Use Cases: Social Media, Ciudad 2020, MOBSEC, CAVA, Rehabilita, Di.ME

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Line of Excellence in Cloud Computing Security


As a result of the vision of changing the paradigm that was taking place in the industry regarding the use and exploitation of the information, back in the in the year 2009, Barcelona Digital created the line of excellence in security in Cloud Computing. Our vision led us to intensely work on:   

In this area, the security group of Barcelona Digital focuses its activities on:

  • IDentity as a Service (IDaaS), where routes are explored in order to operate identity services from the Cloud.

  • Remote Cloud Security Auditing, where it develops mechanisms for auditing the remote mechanisms for the security of the Cloud.

  • Security as a Service (SecaaS), where it identifies and develops security services to be operated from the Cloud.

Keywords: IDentity as a Service (IDaaS), Metric and auditing in cloud computing, Security as a Service

Uses Cases: SeCloud, CloudFinance, Cloud4All 




Mr. Joan Mas
Acting Head of Security R&D
email: jmas[at]bdigital.org


  • Creation of technology / customized product

  • Complete outsourcing of the R&D functions

  • Support in the participation and creation of R&D consortiums