Technology Transfer Center UOC-BDigital   
New UOC-BDigital Technological Transfer Center located in the Media-TIC building (Mezzanine) develops new technologies and methodologies in the education and learning fields, with the objective of connecting social science, technology transfer, and businesses  in order to improve the products and services of companies from ideas that have emerged in the education and learning fields.

The center, which was launched last February 22nd, focuses on designing programs and applications to capture and pack knowledge, as well as learning and teaching processes and rules, all based on high technicality. The center's activities are, among others, are based on software development on topics such as game design, which, in addition to entertainment, conveys messages or ideas on areas such as training or education (serious games), smart learning systems, knowledge social networks, simulators, augmented reality and applications for mobile devices.

1. Gamification

Application techniques in video game design in any real or virtual life area in order to increase the motivation, involvement and participation of citizens.

Scenario 1: Serious games
Scenario 2: simulations / Business games
Scenario 3: Advergaming

2. Adaptative ecosystem

Systems and environments that facilitate access to the information in the cloud, based on the improvement of the interaction of collaborative models.

Scenario 1: augmented reality

3. Interaction analytics

Systems and smart tools used to analyze and interpret interactions among humans and computers in order to access knowledge in adapting to the needs of the user.

Scenario 1: Learning Analytics

4. Open knowledge

Set of principles and methodologies that allow cooperation, distribution and sharing of knowledge.

Scenario 1: OpenCourseWare


Fill out the registration form to indicate us in what of our four strategic lines are you more interested. We will contact with each of you to explain the different modalities of collaboration.