BDigital Global Congress  The 15th edition of the BDigital Global Congress took place from June 12 to 14 at CaixaForum Barcelona and was focused on the Big Data challenges 
BDigital Global Congress - Big Data 

The BDigital Global Congress, the Spanish benchmark congress on ICT breakthroughs and their business, technological and social applications, organized a new edition focused on Big Data, the management and analysis of large amount of data resulting from the digital and mobile revolution, and their challenges and new business opportunities.


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Professionals of different companies showed their Big Data innovative projects during first day. The technology journalist of the renowned Wired magazine, Klint Finley, one of the top influencers in big data according to Forbes, delved on the use of this technologies to know the preferences and reputation of people and companies. In the frame of this day, the winners of the BDigital Awards for Digital Innovation, sponsored by Fujitsu, were announced.

The Big Data opportunities for SMEs and smart cities was approached on June 13. The journalist and Big Data editor of The Guardian newspaper, John Burn-Murdoch, analyzed the new responsibilities related with Big Data in the field of data protection. Furthermore, Andrzej Nowak, leader of the Platform Competence Center of the CERN openlab, home of the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator (LHC), possibly the largest machine ever built by man, offered a glimpse into the future of data intensive computing.

15 experts from technology companies and public institutions, as well as bloggers analized the current situation of Big Data and the future challenges in the online session named BDigital Connections.

The last day was focused in experiences and success cases of extracting value from social media. The VP Europe of Traackr, Nicolas Chabot, talked about the four toughest challenges marketers face to influencer marketing and how to overcome them to win.

The 15th edition of BDigital Global Congress was sponsored by Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government), Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council), la Caixa, Acens, CTecno, Elogia, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Indra, Lavinia, Nexica, Tecnocom and Telefónica.

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