Logosnet presents an ICT formation plan for educational agentsBarcelona, 2/10/2011
Logosnet project, a joint initiative of Barcelona Digital and CETEI-Fundació Joan XXIII with the collaboration of ACC1Ó, Direcció General de Telecomunicacions i Societat de la Informació and 22@barcelona, has presented today an action plan to promote the use of new technologies in the education field. These initiatives, mainly focused on the formation of teachers, executives, families and students, take into account the difficulties experienced by the introduction of ICTs in Catalan schools. 

Recent reports of the Conselleria de Educació de la Generalitat and CETEI-Fundació Joan XXIII, pointed the low skills of the teachers in technology. Therefore, Logosnet has developed an action plan based on two strategically points: the formation of all actors of the education sector and the integration of this sector in a channel that group the supply and demand.

In particular, Logosnet will develop a guide to publicize the possibilities offered by technology in the learning process, previous correct selection of the ICT tools depending of the needs of each centre. This guide will also include study cases of real experiences.  

In parallel, will be designed different formations for teachers about the instruments and computer media and, especially, about the exploitation methods of the ICT; and for managers and centers administration heads to encourage make decisions and train them in the development of ICT strategic plans.

Finally, also proposes the creation of a meeting space of all actors involved in the educational process to channel the supply and demand and brings the education world to the company. 

Logosnet project is an initiative aimed, on the one hand, to identify and understand the ICT needs of today and future of the education sector and, by the other hand, to improve the competitiveness of the Catalan companies who develop their activity in this sector.