The ICT cluster establish contacts with international clusters at MWCBarcelona, 2/18/2011

• During the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which has taken place this week in Barcelona, the ICT cluster managed by Barcelona Digital has participated in a meeting of international ICT clusters including Canada, South Korea, France and Singapore.  

• The meeting has been driven by ACC1Ó (Generalitat de Catalunya) and Ubifrance (French Agency for international development of businesses).

Barcelona Digital, technology centre specialized in R&D+i of ICT and member of TECNIO -network of ACC1Ó that promotes the technology transfer and business innovation in Catalonia- has met in the framework of the MWC with technological clusters from countries such as Singapore, Canada, France and South Korea. The goal of the meeting has been analyze the work currently carried out from each of these clusters to identify points in common and the possibilities of carry out projects together.

The topics exposed in meetings and workshops have been, about others, the online security, the energy and Smart Cities, that are also some of the main research lines of Barcelona Digital.

Thus, the clusters have detected several possibilities to develop international projects together, and they have been a communication which will continue through social networks, to make these future collaborations. Thus, Barcelona Digital continues advancing in its internationalization, helping companies that are part of the ICT cluster to push their work around the world.

About ICT Cluster
The ICT cluster of Barcelona Digital is a network and meeting space formed by an independent group of start-ups, SMEs and large companies, as well as entities and research groups with ICTs as a common nexus. The goal is to stimulate innovation and research through the promotion of interactions intensive, sharing tools, knowledge and experience to promote efficiently technology transfer, networking and dissemination of information among members of the community.  

The activities of the ICT cluster are currently work groups on Green Car and Smart Cities, as well as the Siiur collaborative project -coordinated by the ICT cluster-, which has been integrated in a pilot area (Passeig Mas de Roda in 22@ District of Barcelona) an innovative technological systems focused on improve the energy efficiency of the city (lighted, electric vehicle, etc.).