The ICT Cluster of Barcelona Digital includes 6 new companiesBarcelona, 3/16/2011
• The general meeting of the ICT Cluster presents as new members the companies Aia, Doxa Consulting Group, Indra, Nextret, Oracle and Seys.

• Santiago Sánchez, of Conzentra, has been appointed new chairman of the Advisor Council.

• In 2011, the ICT Cluster will focus on the projects about the advance of the Smart cities and the Green car.

The general meeting of ICT Cluster of Barcelona Digital –member of TECNIO network- has incorporated as new members the companies Aia, Doxa Consulting Group, Indra, Nextret, Oracle and Seys, and has appointed Santiago Sánchez, chief executive of Conzentra, as new chairman of Advisor Council, the highest decision-making body of the ICT Cluster.

These six companies join in the 50 organizations of the ICT Cluster, an innovative group formed by start-ups, SMEs and large companies, as well as entities and research groups with ICT as common nexus.

The ICT Cluster aims to help companies with their projects and to increase theis business volume, facilitate the access to connection networks and boost competitiveness in the ICT field; promoting a new corporate culture based on collaboration and open innovation. The corporate members are organized in different working groups, to develop innovative projects in the ICT field, such as: Smart Cities, banking transactions and services engineering. Also organizes crossed sector working groups, connecting supply and demand of the ICT sector and other potential sectors such as: ICT and food, ICT and fashion, ICT and energy efficiency, ICT and elderly, ICT and sports and ICT and pharmacy.

Among the activities of the ICT Cluster, currently the working groups about Green Car and Smart Cities stand out, as well as the collaborative project SIIUR –coordinated by Barcelona Digital-. This project has integrated in a testing area (in Mas de Roda passage of 22@ District of Barcelona) some innovative technological systems focused on improving the energy efficiency of the city (lighting, green car, etc.).

Green Car: PISVE project
The ICT Cluster has a working group dedicated to explore the ICT interaction possibilities with green car, to convert them into real solutions. This group includes as members the 22@barcelona, the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona, Conzentra, GTD, T-Systems and Barcelona Digital Technology Centre. The project has invited organizations: the Live office (of Barcelona City Council), Endesa and Arelsa.

This working group has boosted the PISVE project, oriented to find technological solutions for recharge managers of green car. This is a public-private initiative, sustainable, modular and global which guarantee the neutrality of the solution, the involvement of the private sector and the consensus of civil service.

Moving towards the Smart City
Another working group of the ICT Cluster aims to develop solutions, services and joint projects within Smart City framework, with the opportunities offered by Opendata project of Barcelona City Council. These put the information of the consistory to everybody in digital formats, standardized and opened to promote reuse.

Within this working group has emerged the SIIUR project, which aims to create an environment of smart city that is a urban technological model with integral management of city services through the incorporation of new services and ICT applications to satisfy the needs of citizens and institutions. 
The final aim of this project is to act as a key lever in the economic and social development of the city and make it more ecological and "intelligent".

About Barcelona Digital Technology Center
Barcelona Digital is the technology center for ICT in Catalonia (Spain). Its mission is to contribute to the growth of the ICT sector and the development of the information society.  Its areas of specialization are security, mobility and health.

Barcelona Digital is part of the TECNIO network that brings together the main expert agents in applied research and technological transfer of Catalonia. Currently, TECNIO is made up of more than 100 technology centers, technology diffusion centers and university groups that promote the competitiveness and the excellence in both academia and industry.