Barcelona Digital takes part in an European Project of Open DataBarcelona, 2/23/2012
The European project Open-DAI, coordinated by CSI Piemonte, will offer a platform for the opening up of public data from the public administrations members of the project, among others Lleida and Barcelona City Council’s. Barcelona Digital will coordinate the tests in Barcelona and Lleida.

The Open-DAI project (Opening Data Architectures and Infrastructures of European Public Administration) starts today with a kick-off meeting of all partners in Turin (Italy). The objective is to test the potential and efficiency of all open data of different public administrations open data as a starting point to create new applications and services addressed to companies, citizens and APs. Among other public administrations that take part in the project, there are Barcelona and Lleida City Councils, and the City Councils of Karlshamn (Sweden), Ordu (Turkey) and the Piedmont region (Italy).

Open-DAI will create a platform for the opening up of public data through the use of service oriented architectures, which allow the download and the easy and flexible utilization of the information. This development will allow the creation of new apps and services with added-value for the public administration, citizens, companies and associations.
The new services will also be oriented towards use on mobile devices and smartphones (“Apps”), and will cover a wide range of sectors: from transport and info mobility to environmental quality, from localisation services to information for tourism and a new form of communication between citizens and public administrations.

It will be tried out in different forms in the four countries involved in the project: Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. Barcelona Digital will coordinate the test of Lleida and Barcelona.

Funded by the European Commission, the project is set to last 32 months (February 2012 - September 2014), is worth over €3,200,000 and involves 11 participating partners, including CSI Piemonte, the coordinator of the initiative:
CSI-Piemonte (Italia) - Coordinator
Barcelona Digital Technology Centre (Spain)
Lleida City Council (Spain)
Local Institute of IT of Barcelona (Spain)
Piedmont region (Italy)
Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
NetPort Karlshamn (Sweden)
Sampas Information and Communication Systems (Turkey)
Karlshamn kommun (Sweden)
Ordu Municipality (Turkey)