The ICT will allow a change in the educational model in CataloniaBarcelona, 11/11/2010

The future education is not to maintain the same traditional approach adding digital channels, but that the ICT must cause a change of educational methodology prioritizing the learning process, the personalized education and generating a new way of creating resources. This has been the main idea of the second public meeting of the agents involved in the Logosnet project, a jointly initiative of Barcelona Digital and CETEI-Fundació Joan XXIII.

The meeting, held today in Barcelona and has counted with the presence of a hundred professionals of the ICT and educational sector, has served to release the implications of the introduction of new technologies within the Catalan classrooms and to analyze the main current educational challenge: how to respond to new forms of learning and transmit knowledge facilitated by the ICT.

In this sense, the Logosnet project offers that the ICT to be part of the DNA of schools, adapting new learning methodologies and establishing a clear approach toward the individualization of education during the student's school life, promoting its capabilities and covering this deficiencies.

To do this, Logosnet proposes a value methodology that part of this same point: the study of the needs of schools, families and students; know about available infrastructures and guarantee connectivity, eliminating the restrictions on access; provide the basic software; and create collaborative work and Center management platforms. During all time, must provide a continuous service to the educational community.

In this framework, the companies also have opportunities to generate business, developing solutions that respond to new educational demand, and this will facilitate its international positioning as prominent in the sector.

Logosnet project is an initiative aimed, on the one hand, to identify and understand the ICT needs of today and future of the education sector and, by the other hand, to improve the competitiveness of the Catalan companies who develop their activity in this sector.