Co4Salut - System of communication, collaboration and sharing of knowledge in the field of health
  • Date: 7/1/2010 12:00:00 AM
  • Duration of the Project: July 2010 - July 2012
  • Leader: Ilimit Comunicacions, S.L.
  • Participants: Ilimit Comunicacions, S.L., Barcelona Digital, STACKS, iSOCO
  • Budget: 1.241.370€ (Sponsored by ACC1Ó)

    Type: Núcleos de Innovación Tecnológica

    Scope: Regional

    Short Description:


    Co4Salut tries to get a good communication, collaboration and knowledge management among primary care physicians and doctors of various medical specialties. These tools will improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction by creating environments for professional interaction and cooperation, so that we can deal with support systems on shared medical decision.

    Good communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing between primary care physicians and doctors in different specialties, is essential to coordinate and provide continuity of care of patients. This communication must exist in both directions: from primary care to specialists and vice versa, from skilled care to family physicians. On the other hand, ICTs provide a new health paradigm in which the patient is in the center of the system, actively participating in the care process, relieving the system and alleviating the costs of health care.


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    Co4Salut is a project which uses ICT for health and welfare of people, highly innovative, and the proof is that it fits flush into the new target of the calls ICT-05/03/2011 2011-2012 7 the Framework Programme of the European Commission. The evolution of research in the fields of eHealth in recent years has been personalized health systems (target ICT-05/01/2011), the guidance systems of patients (PGS) for personalized management of state health (goal ICT-05/05/2011), which are new in the new plan of work of the Commission.

    Co4Salut researches and develops new technologies for these new services to guide patients. The aim is to use ICT to improve patient involvement in care and disease prevention to improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction. The radical novelty is in how: by integrating data semantics of patient care with electronic registration and by creating environments for professional interaction and cooperation so that we can talk about support systems for shared medical decision.

    CO4Salut users, as promoted in these new collaborative systems for guiding patients are mainly patients but also their families, and pre-eminently the healthcare provider of the circle of care, in this case the primary medical , specialists and support staff (nurses, etc.). It is to provide services with multimodal interfaces for its ubiquity.

    The creation of a shared knowledge based on advanced tools and intelligent semantic tagging, allow professionals to share and be up to date in meeting the most appropriate treatments, detection of incidents, safety alerts, customized treatments based on parameters patients, medical evidence, best practices, success cases, etc.

    Co4Salut is addressed from a particular use case, the treatment of patients from the specialty of gastroenterology, but the tools are built with general nature to be transferred to any other specialty.



    The project objective is the development of ICT to facilitate knowledge sharing and communication between specialists and primary care physicians for the treatment of disease. To develop new communication tools based on collaborative tools that facilitate the circulation of knowledge among different care actors. All with the aim of improving the quality of healthcare services, specifically: reducing the time and use of health resources concerning unnecessary referrals to specialists, social networking to exchange relevant information, reduce the number of intermediaries who access to information, promote collaborations between hospitals and doctors in different specialties, reducing the number of incorrect decisions stemming from the lack of information, reduce duplication of laboratory tests, provide additional medical information on-site doctors, standardize terminology and vocabulary to facilitate communication and reduce ambiguity and increase uniformity in the treatment of cases.

    Barcelona Digital’s activity
    Barcelona Digital is involved in the design, development and testing of a collaborative platform to support the medical knowledge sharing. It includes the following features: integration of web 2.0 tools for advanced communication and collaboration, such as thematic forums to discuss controversial issues, wikis and blogs for collaborative development of best practices and documentation of success cases and tools to support shared medical decision. There will be also developed semantic tools which will deal with the integration of all care information and collaborative decision support making (second opinions) in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients, and will also be treated the automation of content to provide the professional with structured information.

    Barcelona Digital Participation mode 
    Subcontracted (by Ilimit Comunicacions, S.L., STACKS, iSOCO).