BackHome - Brain-neural computer interfaces on track to home – Development of a practical generation of BNCI for independent home use
  • Date: 1/1/2012 12:00:00 AM
  • Duration of the Project:
  • Leader: Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnològic
  • Participants: Technische Universitaet Graz, Julius-Maximilians Universitaet Wuerzburg, The Cedar Foundation, Guger Technologies OEG, Telehealth Solutions Ltd
  • Budget: 4,1 M€

    Type: 7FP - Cooperation

    Scope: European

    Short Description:

    The European project BackHome is aimed at moving Brain-Neural Computer Interfaces (BNCIs) from laboratory devices for healthy users toward practical devices used at home by people in need. Thus, BackHome is devoted to (1) develop BNCI systems into practical multimodal assistive technologies that will provide useful solutions for communication, web-surfing, and environmental control, and (2) provide this technology for home usage with minimal support.


    Objectives of BackHome are:

    (1) to study the transition from the hospital to the home, focusing on how people use BNCIs in both settings;
    (2) to learn how different BNCIs and other assistive technologies work together;
    (3) to learn how different BNCIs and other assistive technologies can help clinicians, people with functional diversity and family in the transition from the hospital to the home;
    (4) to reduce the cost and hassle of the transition from the hospital to the home by developing improved products and disseminating information for different developers and users; and
    (5) to produce applied results, developing: new and better integrated practical electrode systems; friendlier and more flexible BNCI software; and better telemonitoring and home support tools.

    The long term goal of rehabilitation for the individual with an acquired brain injury is resettlement back in the community away from institutional care. BackHome will conceive, research, design, implement and validate person-centered solutions to end users with functional diversity. It will provide assistive technology (AT) solutions to research and develop systems for assisting people with functional diversity who are affected by acquired impairment of brain functioning as a result of stroke or other brain trauma. The AT embedded within  BackHome will include BNCIs, environmental control systems and a range of other technologies which are usually classified as ambient intelligence and which can provide a considerable support to make BNCI solution really work in environments with a lack of human support.

    Barcelona Digital's activity
    Barcelona Digital's activity consists of the coordination and technical leadership of issues related to telemonitoring and home support through ambient intelligence, cognitive rehabilitation, and automatic quality of life assessment.

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