Areas of expertise  The centre specializes in Information Technology has 4 lines of R&D with applications for eHealth, Mobility and Energy,Security and Food and Environment 

ehealth Information Technology applied to the health sector serves as an aid to the work of medical personnel, simplifying illness prevention, diagnosis and treatment processes, developing bio-medical instrumentation, and helping attain an overall better healthcare as well as many more benefits.


Mobility and Energy

 mobility and energy The mobility branch encompasses information and communication technologies that manage mobility of people, vehicles and products to create an optimal flow of information among all entities.


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security The security branch includes technologies dealing with the protection of data and systems using mechanisms for authentication, confidentiality, integrity, availability of communications, and technology to identify user profiles on the basis of their browsing traces or network traffic. The security branch also protects against external and internal attacks on one’s organization. 


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Food and Environment
security The area of Food and Environment implements the objectives of the ICT field within the food industry (AgroalTIC) and applies research solutions to improve sustainability and environment (GreenTIC).  








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