About us  Mobility and Energy R&D 

The main objective of the Mobility and Energy R&D group is to develop ICT tools that contribute in solving challenges in today’s and future cities, with an emphasis on improving the quality of life of people living, working or visiting there.

Within the conceptual framework of Smart Cities, we focus on the research of knowledge extraction systems, providing them with urban data captured from heterogeneous sources such as sensors, Open Data portals and social media. We consider the smartphone as a central and universal tool which serves as a main interface between people and the digital world.

Finally, we also specialize in the energy field, where we research technical and economical microgrid’s management models, optimization systems for energy consumption in households and offices, and technologies that contribute to the integration of the electric vehicle.

We offer:
The Mobility and Energy group collaborates in different R&D projects with reference entities in the ICT field, both national and European. In all of them, we offer our expertise in the following areas:

  • Intelligent urban environments
  • Context-aware technologies and applications
  • Efficient and multimodal mobility
  • New mobile services and platforms
  • Cloud based architectures and services
  • Energy efficiency of homes and buildings
  • Microgrid economical and technological management algorithms
  • Technologies for the integration of electric vehicles

The Mobility and Energy R&D group focuses on the following research lines:

Mobile Services Smart Cities


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Energy Management


Ph.D. Marc Torrent
Head of Mobility and Energy R&D
email: mtorrent[at]bdigital.org

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